Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conversation with Taxi Driver

I missed my shuttle to home so I took the taxi instead. During this 5 mins ride, my taxi driver in his early 50s I assumed, tried to strike a conversation with me and somehow led to the following ...

Driver: " ... the younger generation of taxi drivers ... fxxk man, they think they are race car drivers, neglecting passenger's safety! It is a shame to the industry, really! ... fxxk! ... it is a service industry afterall! "
Me: "I have to agree with you, the same seems to apply to bus drivers nowadays."
Driver: "Don't you get me started with bus drivers and mini bus drivers! [raising his voice by 3 levels] ... not only do they think they are race car drivers, they just don't give damn about the passengers ... they break like he is driving his own card and I was rocking on the bus, not to mention those elders who can't even stand still properly! ... this is sad you know!"
Me: "yes I know ... I agree ... "

And I do agree with him, how about you? I was speechless because he was so right! Drivers, all kinds of drivers nowadays, are driving as if they are F1 drivers! Complaints are useless ... sigh

I enjoy chatting with taxi drivers for many reasons and the above meaningful exchanges encourage me to do that more often!


Sunday, June 6, 2010



I cannot decide! Blue or Pink? Should I wear blue or pink polo top? Black or multicolor flip flops with this pair of shorts? Should I change the belt? Perhaps I should wear a shirt instead of a polo? Oh wait, maybe just a simple t-shirt? I need help! I cannot decide! I need expert help! ... Living La Vida Rita, any expert suggestions please? ... ... Alright, in the mean time, I will set them aside until solved!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Please say hi to my girl friend called Canon.