Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Art of Observation ...

I am not weird at all, I just find it interesting to watch people, study their behavior at different locations, settings and times. The way how each individual behave tells a unique story and I often let my imagination fills in the blanks to complete the story.

When I watch people dance in a Jazz club / lounge, I often see people with a genuine smiles on their faces, expressing their emotions through their steps and moves. Loving couples would dance passionately and look at each other in such a way that some passionate kissing are bound to occur. Not to mention the occasionally ass grabbing.

When I travel on the MTR, there are all sort of things that interest me. I realized a while ago that there seems to be a pattern of things one sees during different time of day.

Morning Rush Hour @ MTR
  • People reading newspaper (from hard copies, on mobile phones or people reading off other's)
  • People sleeping / napping either standing or sitting down
  • People listening to their music
  • The general atmosphere was rather quiet and depressing with very few hints of smiles or energy which morning stands for.
Evening Rush Hour @ MTR
  • People Reading Tabloid Magazines
  • People chatting energetically over the phones (where did the energy comes from?)
  • People listening to music
  • Not smiles once again but plenty of raised eyes brows as a result of crowds pushing onto the train at every major station.
  • People getting out of the train by squeezing through the crowds without saying excuse me
  • People standing still in the middle of the train door without a slight intent to move aside to let passengers alight the train
Evening at coffee shops
  • People discussing about their financial futures and other related insurance options.
  • Students reading through their notes with their head nodding along the musics from their iPods.
Outside Jockey Club Betting Branches
  • Groups of middle aged men standing or leaning against the street rail outside the branches with newspaper in one hand and a radio or some sort on the other
  • People sitting inside the betting branch, all facing a row of monitors hanging off the ceiling displaying a bunch of numbers flickering in different colors. (which reminds me of groups of ladies and lads inside bank branches all looking up into a single monitor with their fast moving hand over a number pad
I don't know why but I find all these little details very intriguing. I like to piece all these details together in understanding how such behavior come to be so. Eating behavior is another interesting area to explore in my opinion.

A smart move by HMV? Nah, I don't think so ...

I have noticed that over the past few months, HMV has been replacing their selection of VCD movies with blue rays or normal DVDs. From having a VCD section to several shelves worth of VCDs over a period of few months, somehow suggests to me they are phasing out VCDs one step at a time. I am a supporter for DVD and blue rays but there are some movies just not worth watching on DVD! By phasing out such an option, I think HMV is taking away its potential business, at least from me.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A simple way to say Merry Christmas!

A simple yet very effective way to add a little XMAS spirit around town! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr Sunshine I welcome you!

Sometimes all you need is a bit of sunshine to brighten up your day. Enjoying something simple like sandwiches and a banana cake can be an option indeed. It is a good way to get your mind of work or indulge yourself into a moment of peace. Live music would be great just like the wonderful performances of the girl's choir performing at IFC during lunch time on this lovely day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

All we need is a little XMAS in all of us!

Talk about Christmas spirit, this man has it all in my opinion! What we all need is a little merry Christmas in your heart! Merry Christmas indeed!

Chriastmas is fast Approaching! Woohoo!

Usually when Starbucks changes its cup, XMAS is fast approaching. I also heard of another indication of XMAS which is when Kenny G is out with a new album. In any case, having a Gingerbread latte and XMAS brownie on a late Friday night was a good way to get into the wonderful XMAS mood! Are you in the XMAS mood yet?

Awards for Efficiency ???

Captured a picture of this trophy at one of the local chain restaurants. I laughed so hard right at the spot because of what it stated on it. Direct translation of the award is: "Most Efficient in Punching in Orders (Regional Awards)." That sounds fun doesn't it? ...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So you think you love to read?

I thought I love to read but perhaps not as much as this little boy at Dymock @ IFC. Or was the little doing some kind of exercises?