Friday, October 22, 2010

Relax My Friend!

Hong Kong  MTR experienced an unanticipated accident (accident is always unexpected / unanticipated for those who actually wonder on that!) whereby one of the power cables was loosen between two major stations during morning rush hour. It caused great inconvenience to many passengers and arranged shuttle to transport strained passengers to the nearest functional station (which is actually 10 mins by foot). Many passengers were furious about the accident (or more accurately on MTR) for many reasons such as (1) late for work, (2) strained in the station for 15 mins??,  (3) unable to get on shuttle to the next station which is mere 10 mins by foot or  (4) MTR should have notified them earlier.

Wake up and relax my friends! They called it an accident for a reason! Accident happens, stop blaming or complaining and get on with it! Your yelling will not help the matter by a single bit! Although MTR is a semi-public company, I seriously doubt they want such accident to happen right? I noticed that more people nowadays like to blame or complain for the sake of doing so to make themselves feel better to feel "just?"

Is it true that ... "Our culture peculiarly honors the act of blaming, which it takes as the sign of virtue and intellect." --- Lionel Trilling ... ?

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