Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where is the Music in the City?

After having a very full Sunday brunch at Kitchen (W Hotel @ Elements), it was time to walk around for better digestion. Over at one of the main foyer, there was a three men band playing some Jazz Blues. If this band was playing at the brunch location it would be great especially with the New Orleans' theme the restaurant was promoting.

Such performances are really lacking in Hong Kong in my opinion. I am not in the creative industry (maybe I should give it a try) but I do appreciate the occasional musical scene around town, be in malls or street performances. I really do think there should be more of such performances in Hong Kong in general. I stood there for over 15 mins just to enjoy their performances which was wonderful indeed. Music can help you relax, music can even heal your souls and music can be what you want it to be. Before returning to Hong Kong, I never really understand the power of music or how to appreciate it, but overtime as I travel on my life journey, I started to embrace it with all I can because listening to the kind of music I love, it can help me "Put On A Happy Face."

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Beauty of Randomness

Sitting at Starbucks one evening while awaiting for my Happy Hour to start with a few friends working nearby, a few random thoughts came to my attention. Actually, there are random thoughts in my mind all the time!

What I had in mind at that moment was how come people in Hong Kong like to rush or always seem to be in a rush, to catch the MTR (which will arrive in just 1 min) or to run down / up escalator ending up waiting for the elevator next to me.

HOWEVER, at the same time, people in Hong Kong love to line up as well. How ironic, rushing & lining up! People like to line up for almost anything; from new IPOs, monthly sale at department stores or simply some special drinks (ie: bubble tea). I just don't understand sometimes even after returning to Hong Kong for a number of years.

Hong Kong? No Hong Kong?

It so happens this current issue (Issue 91) of CUP magazine talks about the exact topic which has been in my mind over the past few weeks or even months. I have been questioning whether Hong Kong is a liveable city and how to define what is a liveable city. Of course it all depends on how to define it and how you want to like it to be, no defined answer in my opinion, but I started to question whether it is the right place for me.

To quote from one of the articles by Philip Dodd titled All About People:

... From my ideal city I want (at different times) excitement, safety, tolerance, quiet, opportunity; I want a city that encourages self assertiveness and confidence in everyone, that makes me feel as if I belong.

My choice of city may differ according to my age ... How rich I am will also determine whhc city I will find attractive ...

But there is a simpler truth: most people do not have a choice where they live. Only the truly rich do. Most of us live where we live because of employment and work opportunities.

I do agree with the above mentioned, the question or the concern I have is that Hong Kong does not seem to be giving me the self assertiveness and confidence I hoped for and that applies to the so-called opportunities that everyone is talking about for the past two decades. It is this concern and realization that makes me question on the liveable aspect of Hong Kong and whether I should be constrained by this "box" I talked about in my previous entry on "Thinking Out of the Box."


For some odd reasons, CUP magazine often touches on topics that I can truly relates to and at the exact timing as well. For example, I was thinking about what changes I should make to my life in general and CUP came out with an issue (Issue 88) on "It's Time to do Something." In one way or the other, it was this back issue that encourged me to start blogging, to do something new, to do something exciting and to do something I enjoy for a change. I am really glad I started my food blog.

Pictures belongs to: CUP Magazine Publishing Ltd.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thinking out of the Box?

I always hear people referring to the phrase "thinking out of the box" and I never really understand the extend of such application. For instance, when solving problem, try thinking of out the box or when brain storming, try thinking of out the box. You get the idea ... However, this phrase has a brand new meaning to me recently, thinking out of the box is not all about coming up unconventional ideas or creative thinking, it is the attitude to life.

After spending the past few years in Hong Kong, I find myself living in a box. I seriously think I am not the only one in Hong Kong who has the same feeling. The social, cultural and economic atmosphere in Hong Kong is a big rigid cloudy box of which many of us are trying to find a spot within to settle down (or at least to get comfortable with). However, it is a very crowded box that is shrinking in my opinion. You would find yourself trying very hard to make adjustments to your life, your belief and even your moral principle in order to fit into this little box and to get along with the others who are doing the same thing. Do you know what exactly you are doing or trying to achieve when fitting in?

Why are we all doing that? Why are people from all over the world try to come into this little box? I am sure we all have our own reasons but the question is whether that is the right reason(s). I understand it is such a cliche to say "follow your dreams" because there are million reasons, limitations or family responsibilities standing in between your dreams; but can't all these limitations or responsibilities be overcome outside this box? I am starting to this it is indeed possible.

By getting out of this box, it has nothing to do with the lack of perseverance, patience or even your capability to adapt to different environments; it is to do with your attitude and how you want to protect that from the influence inside the box. If you are trying to find ways to fit yourself within the box reluctantly or unwillingly, you are being led instead of to lead. First step is to think out of the box, then look outside the box, reach out of the box and then stay out of the box. You don't have to stay inside the box to achieve your objectives or to overcome your responsibilities. Why travel on your life journey inside a square box when you stay outside the box and walk on your two feet? I am thinking about it ... so should you!