Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double Standard?

A few months back when the Swine Flu (aka H1N1) situation/news broke out in Hong Kong, people rushed out to get their hands on the last remaining facial masks even when they were marked up 300%. Now, look around, there are very few people wearing mask in publicly crowded area or transportation even when they are coughing so hard. Bus drivers, taxi drivers, cashiers at supermarkets, passengers on crowded morning bus are all coughing without a mask on! What happened to the overly protective reaction when the H1N1 news first broke out? Now I am coughing too!!!

From what I last heard, the H1N1 situation is not getting less serious. The Center of Health Protection scale the swine flu surveillance programmee because the virus was milder than expected, not because it was less contagious! The Center of Health Protection estimated that approximately 50 million city residents have been infected, only so far!

I think city residents of Hong Kong are very easily distracted by other news or issues, such as the stock market !!! A few months back, if you were not wearing mask like everyone does, you will be looked at in such a way as if you a very insensitive and selfish individual. If you are wearing a mask in the subways, buses or in a supermarket, people would take a few steps back from you and look at you in such a way as if you are very insensitive and selfish individual for coming out in the open when I should be staying home. I don't mind being looked at in whatever ways people like when I am wearing a mask, but please ... when it comes to contagious or potential contagious disease, drop the double standard and don't just act to your own convenience.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jan Lamb's "Yes, I do ... 30mething" [林海峰-是但噏x我願意]

Jan Lamb's (林海峰) latest talk show titled "Yes, I do ... 30mething" (是但噏x我願意) was definitely better than I expected. The topic as the title suggested was on marriage but it also included other aspects of relationship between couples. I was surprised by the second half of the talk show which was more like a ... musical, featuring a newlywed couple, actually a soon-to-be newlywed couple. Apparently different couples each night. Special guest Eric Kot Man Fai (葛文輝) together with singer Kay Tse (謝安琪) was certainly a nice touch, pushing the show into another climax. The following are some pictures I took during the talk show I like to share.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's time to turn over a new leaf

Ever since I started blogging (especially with my food blog), I get to know myself better everyday. The more I understand myself the more I want to / need to turn over a new leaf. I have been trying to do that for a while actually but I have been standing / sitting on top of the leaf so it is rather difficult to turn it over. However, one should not procrastinate for too long and I am going to step off the leaf and try to turn it over now (or soon) !!! How am I going to do that? Still in the process of figuring it by at least I am trying !!!!!!