Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Overweight Tale

No Running this time?

Yes, you are not mistaken, this post contains Chinese and I used my beloved iPhone to write every single word as well. I am proud of myself and I think I do deserve a star sticker right? :) It was inspired by an incident inside the MTR and by someone who made me smile a lot recently. What I did here is to translate the Chinese I wrote into English so this will be my first ever bi-lingual post. (Rita, are you going to call me a copycat? HAHA) Not directly on the topic of food but somewhat related in my opinion.

My Original Chinese version:

奇怪的事情多的是,可笑的事更多更妙更值得分享。話說某天回家途中,當我正在金鐘港鐵站月台轉車的幾分鐘內,我差點兒被「人」撞倒,撞到 PK. 有那麼奇怪?重點是那個「人」是一位半熟無 Neck 無腰的小朋友。我也做過一個如此可愛的小胖孩,多得幼稚園教懂了我什麼是 All you can eat lunch before afternoon nap.


在平台上走可能是他們每日運動量最高的活動,回家前到麥當當食番個 happy meal 再加個 Oreo McFlurry. 某程度上家長是過分愛護,令小孩得到最好的,最美的和最肥的結果。

我也肥胖過,開心過,過飽過,辛苦過,忍耐過,小許運動過,廋過,面青口白過,和好 fit 過。罪過罪過。我好明日到食的樂趣但係食都要有個限度,小朋友是不大明白但大人家長請教導一下因為孩子的健康也是你的所有。



My Translated English version.

There are different things in life that are quite weird, many that are funny but definitely worth sharing. One evening on my way home on the MTR, while I was making my transit from one lane to another on the Admiralty station platform, I almost got pushed to the floor by someone. What so weird about that? The someone was a half-grown fat kid without much of a neck or waist. I was once a fat but cute little kid, thanks to the introduction of all you can eat lunch before afternoon nap during my Kindergarten  years.

Being chubby is considered a kind of luck in Chinese traditions but such luck should not be to a point that it would affect the safety of the general public! What would the kid right on the platform? Even if you are running, why are you yelling while you are running? Why are you yelling while running without looking out what is in front on you? Aside from the fact that there was a lack of politeness in kids nowadays, this traumatic experience made me realized the seriousness of obesity in our modern society.

Running on the platform may have exceeded the kid's daily exercises quota already hence the short stop at McD before home for a Happy Meal plus a Orea McFlurry. To a certain extend, parents nowadays are over caring / overly protective, providing the best and the fattest at times.

I had been fat, been happy, been very full, been very painful, been very tolerant, been doing little exercises, been thin and been fit. I truly understand the happiness and joy of eating but there should be a limitation / control to eating. Kids may not understand but parents should teach their kids about such control on cravings as best they can for the sake of the kid's health.

Recently, I have learned the arts of eating which means it is a necessity as well as life's enjoyment at the same time. Treasure the people around you especially those you care, those you loved, have to understand how to protect wisely and appropriately in order to cherish the joy of eating with them for many years to come. Obesity among children is becoming a serious social issue in Hong Kong which we must start paying attention. If you are love your kids, act now!


Mochachocolata Rita said...


Gweipo said...

We went to see Riverdance yesterday afternoon. A show of less than 2 hours. People near to us had brought an entire huge bag full of food with which to feed their already overweight kids. Plus all the noises of the paper crinkling and cracking all through the show.
I couldn't believe it, they couldn't go 2 hours without feeding themselves with junk - for it was junk, cookies, crisps, chocolates etc. etc.
Same thing when my kids play football. We take them a bottle of water, other parents take a whole picnic basket of food! they've just eaten breakfast and it's nowhere near lunch and they need to eat?
No wonder kids are obese.

Jason said...

@Gweipo: I am not sure if that is over-spoil or not but parents should really pay more attention to how they are treating their kids nowadays. The noises of the paper crinkling reminds me of how many parents of this generation only care about the kids without much caring for the rest of the public. Once common manner becomes "none of your business" kind of attitude. I had a similar experience with the House of Dancing Water at Macau where camera flashes were over abundance even strictly prohibited in announcement before hand, in 1000000 different languages! It is simple respect for the public and the safety of the performances, why can't they just respect that! Kids learn from their parents in most cases! sigh ...

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